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HistoryKill 2022 - Is your hidden history on your PC? Try it for FREE!


Features & Benefits

Product Specifications

Take a look at HistoryKill's® feature-rich application:

TRUE PRIVACY -- Deleting your "Internet Temp Files, History & Cookies" using your web browsers built-in privacy functions will not protect you! You need to SECURELY delete your history!
AUTO-KILL -- Automatically covers your surfing tracks immediately after you close your web browser -- there is nothing you have to "do!"
COOKIE MANAGER -- You select which cookies to keep for added security!
INSTANT MESSAGE BOSS-KEY -- Instantly hide your IM, chat-room, web browsers, casino & poker windows with the touch of a key. Don't get busted enjoying a simple escape from the drudgery of everyday life!
GREAT NEW LOOK AND SO EASY TO USE -- Move with ease through our user interface and enjoy the privacy experience that only HistoryKill® can provide.
SEARCH ENGINE / GOOGLE BAR KILLER -- No one will be able to tell what you've been looking for.
COMPATIBLE WITH THE ALL MAJOR BROWSERS -- Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, AOL & MSN.
SPEED UP YOUR PC and Internet browser while freeing up valuable hard drive space with the click of a mouse!


If there is a more thorough privacy application anywhere in the world, we haven't found it yet!

HistoryKill® obliterates traces of the following:


  • Windows Fragmented Files
  • Windows Media Player History List
  • Windows Recycle Bin
  • Windows Temporary Folders
  • Windows System Swap Files
  • File & Application History Lists
  • Windows Application Logs
  • Thumbs.db


  • Recent Documents List (manually or automatically at each shutdown)
  • Run History
  • Find Files History


  • Clears Google bar search history
  • Windows Media Player URL/file history
  • MS Office Recent file lists

BROWSERS: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, AOL & MSN

  • URL History List from Address Bar
  • URL History Files
  • Temporary Internet Files
  • AutoComplete Form Fields & Passwords
  • Removes 'index.dat' files
  • Removes Cookies (Cookie Manager for IE)
  • Removes session history files
  • Removes HTML5 local storage files
  • Removes JumpList cache
  • Removes top site history
  • Multi-profile history data files in Chrome
  • Removes history folders in "Protected Mode" (low integrity folders in IE)
HistoryKill won the Editor's Choice Award from c|net/download.com in September, 2003!
HistoryKill -- The Internet's #1 History Tracks Eliminator has been featured at PCWorld.com!
HistoryKill -- The Internet's #1 History Tracks Eliminator has been featured at cnn.com!
C|NET - Download.com says "5 out of 5 stars" and awards HistoryKill® with their prestigious Editor's Choice Award!
HistoryKill® has also been featured in PC World and at CNN.com

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