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My Hidden Folders 2008 - Instantly hide your files and folders!


Features & Benefits

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My Hidden Folders 2008

My Hidden Folders is an essential privacy tool that allows you to instantly hide and unhide any file or folder on a Windows system -- even from super users and administators! You don't need to dive into hazy world of low-level file access functions. Once files or folders are hidden they cannot be accessed, searched for, viewed or deleted, therefore no one will know that they exist. Instead of specifying necessary file/folder names you could define pattern-matching mask to instantly hide a group of files, or file types that comply with certain criteria such as same extensions or similar names.

Key features for My Hidden Folders 2008 include:

» Instantly protect your files from viewing, accessing, searching and deleting
» Protected files and folders will be inaccessible to all users including super users and system administrators
» Specify "wild-card" mask to instantly hide a group of files/folders that match the mask or file type
» Instant protection - Hide your files in less than 1 second!
» "White Applications list" grants full access to hidden files and folder for certain applications
» Turn on/off hiding engine globally
» Folders will be protected even in Safe mode
» Easy-to-use Setup Wizard allows you to setup My Hidden folders in under a minute!
» True stealth mode - other users will not know you are using My Hidden Folder
» Password support for additional security while unhiding files
» Hot Keys support for instantly hiding and unhiding files
» Fully compatible with Windows 98, 2000, 2003, XP and now Vista!

Learn the difference between Windows XP/Vista's data protection features and My Hidden Folders 2008 in our "Features & Benefits!"

My Hidden Folders 2008
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