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Become a TrustSoft Reseller
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TrustSoft Reseller Program
"An AWESOME converting reseller program!"

TrustSoft offers one of the highest converting and versatile reseller programs on the Internet today. Our products address all of today's Internet privacy needs such as anti-spyware, pop-up-blocker, file & history privacy. We supply our users with solutions for all of their on-line privacy needs providing peace of mind and security for our customers

The TrustSoft Product line includes:
  • TrustSoft AntiSpyware offers protection against thousands of known spyware threats with an easy-to-use, proactive solution. TrustSoft AntiSpyware is designed to work together with your anti-virus and firewall to provide full comprehensive security and privacy protection to online users.
  • HistoryKill® offers best-in-class system cleaning to clean all online and offline activity. HistoryKill ensures privacy and improves the overall system performance.
  • BestPopupKiller™ kills intrusive pop-ups before they become a nuisance, a first it also blocks spyware and adware generated pops.
  • PCBugKiller™ Gives your pc a speed boost by removing unwanted files that simply slow the efficiency of your PC over time.

Reseller Program Benefits

TrustSoft not only offers the most aggressive pricing structure in the industry, we pride ourselves on the service we provide not only to our customers but to our affiliates as well.


We provide our affiliates with twenty-four hour a day technical support through online and phone support. All of our products are backed by expert technicians who are prepared to tackle any arising issues.

Marketing & Sales

As a TrustSoft reseller, you will have access to our full online marketing resources. These resources are updated constantly for the most affective marketing campaigns on the internet today.

Reseller Newsletter

To keep our resellers up to date on current products, news, and company information we provide bi-monthly newsletters to all of our affiliates.

Signing Up

Click on the Sign Up link below to fill out the Reseller Application form. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will receive an e-mail with information that includes

  • Your account login and password to your reseller stats page
  • Links to marketing materials
  • Your introductory TrustSoft Newsletter

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